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We are grateful to you for showing interest in our products and are pleased to introduce our self as the manufacturers of laboratory glassware of international standards since past many years. Estab. 1996, PROMAX INDIA has emerged as an trust worthy and quality product manufacturer in the eyes of their clients. In the present scenario of glassware market specifically in LABORATORIES GLASSWARE, ‘PROMAX’ brand had developed its own place and reputation, as we apply stringent best quality procedures throughout the product development and manufacturing process, strictly using borosilicate 3.3 expansion glass tubing. Also, can fabricate the borosilicate glass in many complex designs and have specialized in volumetric glass, by establishing our own unique method for quality control and have a calibration laboratory which consists of world class instruments ensuring the proper application of gravemetric method for calibration. Each of our product goes through various tests like weight test, I.S. specification test, cross calibration test, optical test and other such important test before they reach to our clients, to ensure right calibration and product quality.

 We would be pleased to inform you that presently our customers are Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Industries, Analytical Research Lab, Colleges, Universities etc. Other than the items mentioned in our catalog, we could manufacture any glass item in accordance with your given valid specifications. All of our products goes through a very unique manufacturing process known as 2(Two Square). Under this process every product in our manufacturing range goes through 4 checks on two working stations, in order to ensure best quality product for our clients. As the market is getting very competitive, in order to provide our honorable customers with original PROMAX laboratory glassware, we have established a 3D hologram security system. All our original volumetric products will have a 3D patented ‘PROMAX’ hologram. This will also help our customers to differentiate between original and duplicate products.

We are looking forward to expand our business through the supply chain of dealers, for these we are inviting dealers from various areas to join hands with us. Kindly refer to our catalogue for more details of our product. For direct queries please submit online, our team or dealer for the region will get back to you as soon as possible.

Wishing you a great success and a pleasant day from team:-